Quick deliver the package within 20 seconds!

An easy and simple platformer. Just pick the package and deliver it!


Arrow Left and Right : Move

Space: Jump

Z: Dash

X: Pick up package

Music/BGM : Night-chip (Joshua Mclean)


20sPorter_win.zip 14 MB


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90 total death :'), stuck on a level until i figure out the dash fiture. It's simple but really fun game. It may be a good comercial game for "Ninja Express" delivery service xD

Wow 90 total death? Thats a lot, hahaha.

Anyway thank you for play my game!

its so frustating to play because time limitation but somehow i finish the game. it takes 42 total death, good game

42 is not bad tho.

Thanks for play my game!

oh , forgot - more levels please !

small changes that i would make -

auto package pick up when on it 

auto restart after death - moving hands off the keys to click spoils the rhythm you build up ...

everything else is good !

Thanks for playing my game!

Also thanks for your inputs!

simple but 👌. love it btw 20 dead :'(

rage like playing flappy bird, everytime i died :'v

Thanks for playing!